IssuesMy Vision for Warren County

Uphold our Conservative Values and Beliefs

  • Pro-Life. Pro-Gun. Pro-Freedom. I’ll make sure no one in Frankfort destroys our way of life.
  • Religious liberty is a cornerstone of our community, and it must be protected. We are One Nation Under God.

Medical Freedom

  • No vaccine mandates.
  • Personal medical decisions should be made in conjunction with medical doctors, not government decrees.

Education System that Gives Every Student the Opportunity to Succeed

  • Ensure students in every classroom have the freedom to learn without critical race theory and other indoctrination.
  • Keep the schools open. Sustained distance learning and other shutdowns are harming our kids and their futures.

Economic Growth & Job Creation

  • Create a pro-growth tax system that reduces the burden on working families and businesses.
  • End the Democrats’ ‘war on work’ and get able-bodied adults back into jobs.

Healthier, Happier Community

  • Keep government efficient and effective while utilizing community partnerships to ensure we help those who need it the most.
  • Create a health care system that puts patients first and values our hard-working medical professionals.

Safe Streets to Raise Families

  • Back the Blue and support our hard-working law enforcement.
  • Oppose any sanctuary immigration policies in Kentucky.

Support Robert’s Campaign Today!

Support Robert’s Campaign Today!

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